The Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail

an Olympic Peninsula waterfall

Washington’s Olympic Peninsula is home to so many waterfalls they’ve created a trail you can follow to catch them all. The Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail leads to 24 separate, spectacular waterfalls located around the Olympic Peninsula – many within easy reach of Manitou Lodge!

As everyone knows, all water seeks the sea, and the Pacific Northwest is well known for its rain. Combine all that moisture with gravity and the rugged terrain of the Olympic Peninsula and you’ve got the perfect landscape for waterfalls.

It seems everyone likes a waterfall. They can be equal parts soothing and hypnotic. We love the merry sound of water splashing over rocks, the sight of it tumbling down a cliff, and the cool, calming mist a large falls can generate. Perhaps it’s their relative rarity or the sheer photogenic nature of their spectacle.

Whatever the reason, we love waterfalls enough to go out of our way to see them. Luckily, guests of Manitou Lodge don’t have to go far to find themselves on the Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail.

The Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail

Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail Map

The Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail is your guide to 24 different waterfalls. From Hi Hi Kwitht Falls up north in Neah Bay all the way down south to Vincent Creek Falls near Shelton, WA.

Some falls are seasonal and most are more spectacular when their sources are swollen with spring runoff. While some falls are an easy traipse from the car, others require some hiking – but all are worth your while.

Falls Near Manitou Lodge

an Olympic Peninsula waterfall

Below are three waterfalls within easy distance of Manitou Lodge – but you don’t have to stop there. Waterfall enthusiasts can also download the Olympic National Park waterfall trail map to see the location and description of all the falls along the Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail.

Beaver Falls
Beaver Falls is a nearly 30 foot high, 70-foot-wide, block-type waterfall on Beaver Creek. Located around 12 miles east of Forks, WA and 2 miles north of Sappho on State Route 113, near the turnout area for an old rock quarry.

Strawberry Bay Falls
Strawberry Bay Falls tumbles a dramatic 100 feet off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean. Viewing the narrow, horsetail-style falls requires a fairly easy, 1.3 mile hike. The trailhead, which is less than 10 minutes from Manitou Lodge, can be found just off La Push Road, near the Quileute Reservation.

Falls Creek Falls
This 40-foot tall, coastal waterfall is found along the South Coast Wilderness Trail and require some pretty strenuous hiking. The falls are just south of Toleak Point, near where Falls Creek joins Goodman Creek.

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