Discover Olympic National Park Waterfalls

Sol Duc Falls - Olympic National Park waterfalls
Sol Duc Falls – most iconic of Olympic National Park waterfalls

The waterfalls in Olympic National Park provide some of the area’s most striking and iconic views. The Olympic Peninsula is home to a great number of waterfalls – many of which are surprisingly easy to get to.

There’s just something soothing and entrancing about a waterfall. The sight of the water as it cascades down over the rocks and crags. The cool mist hanging in and scenting the air. The constant audible rush of the falling water. The combination can be soothing, rejuvenating, and hypnotic.

There are 24 major waterfalls on the Olympic Peninsula, many of them in or near Olympic National Park. Some of the waterfalls are wheelchair accessible while others require hiking. All are gorgeous and tend to be most spectacular in early spring or during the autumn rainy season.

Below is a list of some of the more popular area and Olympic National Park waterfalls near Manitou Lodge.

Olympic National Park Waterfalls

Sol Duc Falls
Sol Duc Falls, located on the upper Sol Duc River, are the signature waterfalls of Olympic National Park. The falls can be reached via an easy .8 mile hike or the longer, 6-mile Lover’s Lane Loop trail, located behind Sol Duc Hot Springs.

Marymere Falls in Olympic National Forest
At the base of Marymere Falls in winter.

Marymere Falls
Marymere Falls, near Lake Crescent, feature a spectacular 90′ drop to the waiting pool below. The falls are reached via one of the area’s easiest (.75 miles) and most popular hikes.

Mineral Creek Falls
Mineral Creek Falls are a medium-volume, 60 foot cascade located about 3 miles up the Hoh River Trail in the Ho Rain Forest. Be sure to check out the stumps of the once-towering, old growth trees along the trail.

Outside Olympic National Park

Hoko Falls
Hoko Falls are located on the Ozette Lake/Hoko River Road, near Milepost 7. A muddy path across the road from the marker leads you down to the falls. The falls plunge about 10′ into a waiting basalt punch bowl. Be cautious and wear appropriate footwear. The falls and receiving canyon are as treacherous as they are beautiful.

Beaver Falls
Beaver Falls, on Beaver Creek, are about 12 miles east of Forks and 2 north of Sappho on State Route 113. The The 20 foot tall 70 foot wide falls are located down the slope, near the turnout area for an old rock quarry.

Strawberry Bay Falls
This seasonally dramatic horsetail cascade is located at the south end of Third Beach. The trailhead for Third Beach is only about 10 minutes from Manitou Lodge. The nearly 4 mile hike to the beach and falls is easy and worth the effort.

More to see on the Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail

Our short list above only scratches the surface of the many waterfalls found on Washington’s lush Olympic Peninsula. Learn about these and the others in more full detail, with maps and directions, on the Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail website.

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