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Headed to the Olympic Peninsula for some much needed relaxation but worried you’ll need an umbrella and galoshes? Well, hang on now. Forks Washington weather is likely not what you may expect.

One of the most common misconceptions about western Washington is that it always rains here. “Western Washingtonians don’t tan. They rust,” as the old joke goes.

It’s certainly true that we get more rain here than many other places. You don’t make a rain forest by wishing, after all. But it’s just as true that we get our fair share of sunny days, as well.

Part of the confusion stems from microclimates.

Microclimates are small pockets of local weather that differ – slightly or even greatly – from those around them. The Olympic Peninsula is home to a great many microclimates. It can be too rainy to enjoy the beach while, nearby, the “rain forest” is bathing in bright sunshine, for example.

Forks Washington Weather

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Conventional wisdom says, to avoid rain, you should visit the Olympic Peninsula between mid-July and mid-August. A lovely time on the peninsula, to be sure – but hardly the only time of the year to visit.

For one thing, the period between mid-July and mid-August is definitely a more crowded time to visit. Popular attractions like Lake Crescent, the Hoh Rainforest, Rialto Beach, and Forks Twilight Tours are much more likely to be packed.

Also, we definitely get more than two months of lovely, warm and sunny weather here every year.

In fact, between the months of April and September, we see an average 28 inches of rain or less. A far larger window than just mid-July to mid-August.

Both springtime and late summer/early autumn are great times to visit the Olympic Peninsula. In spring the peninsula is so deeply green and gorgeous, with lots of baby wildlife, that sometimes it can take your breath away. Fall, of course, sees lovely fall foliage. With both, the crowds are smaller, the weather milder, and the all the attractions still right here, waiting for you to enjoy them.

Never A Bad Day On The Peninsula

Forks Wa weather

Frankly, we see visitors year ’round at our Forks, WA Airbnb, cottages, cabins, camping, and more.

If it rains some during your visit, that’s just part of the experience. Most western Washingtonians don’t let a little rain slow them down – and you shouldn’t either.

In fact, there are lots of places in the Pacific Northwest where experiencing them in rain can be a truly wonderful – even optimal – experience.

This is rain forest country, after all!

So go ahead, let conventional wisdom sit at home, bored, while you take advantage of a less crowded Olympic Peninsula getaway. Manitou Lodge will be here, ready to act as your Olympic National Forest home away from home.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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