Forks Twilight Tours, Attractions, and More

Hoh Rainforest sunset

Twilight mania is on the rise. “Midnight Sun,” the latest addition to Stephenie Meyer’s beloved series, sold more than 1m copies in its first week. True fans of the series will enjoy visiting the real Forks, WA and all the Forks Twilight locations and attractions.

There may not be any actual vampires or werewolves in Forks, WA but you can be excused for thinking there might be. So many of the series’ details are here for you to see in real life! Bella’s TruckThe Cullen HouseForks High School, and many others.

This small, Washington lumber town also holds the exceedingly well attended, annual Forever Twilight Festival.

Better yet, Manitou Lodge offers a variety of Olympic National Park lodging options just 15 minutes down the road from Forks. Lodge rooms, cabins, cottages, campsites – even Airbnb!

Our secluded coastal rainforest location, nestled among towering, moss-laden trees, is the perfect home base for any and all of your Forks Twilight adventures. We’re also central to some of the peninsula’s most popular natural attractions. Lake Crescent, La Push, Hoh Rainforest, Sol Duc Hot Springs, a host of popular area beaches and more are all within easy reach.

Forks Twilight – Tours and Attractions

Bella's Truck Forks Twilight

If this is your first visit to Forks, we would recommend downloading a Forks Twilight Attractions Map. The map makes locating all the area Twilight related attractions a snap.

The Swan House, the Cullen HouseForks Hospital, and High SchoolBella’s Truck, and more. Stop by the Forever Twilight in Forks Collection to see the world’s largest collection of authentic Twilight props and costumes. Some attractions, such as the Bella Italia restaurant, La Push, and the Hoh Rainforest are located outside of Forks.

La Push

The 4-day, Forever Twilight Festival is held every year on the weekend closest to September 13th: Bella’s birthday. The popular festival often features special guests like actors from the films or even the author, herself.

Visit the Forever Twilight in Forks Festival webpage for more information. You can also visit Forever Twilight on Facebook.

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