Regional Wildfires 2015

7/9/15. We know that all our incoming guests for the remainder of the summer are aware of our dry conditions very conducive to wildfires. Here’s a status report: Currently, there is a single blaze on the entire Olympic Peninsula. This is the “Paradise Fire” (shown in red on the accompanying map) located about 60 miles southeast of us far up the Queets Valley (we’re approximately at the word “Mora” west of Forks) . It’s been burning for about a month, and is slow moving, having burned about 1300 acres in that time. Prevailing winds this time of year are from the northwest, blowing any smoke from this fire away from us. Hence, the entire west side of the Peninsula, including us, Forks, the Pacific beaches, and the Hoh Rainforest remain unaffected by any fallout from this fire.

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