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Wireless Internet

We're now wireless all over, including our Outback Cabins and even the tentsites! Even if you are in a tent, you can still check the tide tables on your portable device. Low tide is the best time for tide-pooling .


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Or phone: 360-374-6295

“This place is heaven-on-a-stick! We have loved every moment, and finding it very difficult to leave. So charming & warm, breakfast amazing!”
Libby & Dean, Perth, Australia
“~p.s. Love the Easter decor, V. cute!”

“There once was a place in the west
the ex-urbanites came to protest
the din of their lives
with the crash of the tides
And all declared the toast was the best!”
~Ann and Skip

November 2006 – a family staying in the “Cedar” suite:
“I like it here. It is warm and
peaceful, and Ju Ju is so cute!
This place is worth the 4:30 hour drive.”
~Arianne, 10

“I like it here I would recommend this place to anyone I like JuJu
also she is so nice.”
~Camille, 8

“As you can see, the Mercer girls enjoyed their
stay at Manitou, and so did the parents. Thank you
for a comfortable, cozy rest.”
~The Mom xx