Marcy Schley – Resident Manager July 1, 2013

May 21st, 2013 by Manitou Lodge


Please join us in welcoming Marcy Schley, our new resident manager, who will be starting July 1, 2013. Marcy will be a familiar face to any of you who stayed with us in 1999-2000, as she was our principal housekeeper during those years. In 2000, Marcy moved to Wenatchee, where she eventually joined the staff of Wenatchee Valley College, rising to the position of one of their assistant Deans.

You may well ask “what the heck is she doing returning to the Manitou?”. Well, it seems that Marcy just loves innkeeping, and will be returning to the life for a couple of years while she pursues a Master’s Degree in the “The Flowering of Renaissance Literature in Firenze under the Medicis 1444-1553”. Truly fascinating stuff, way better than becoming an expert in the “Twilight” literary genre now so popular out this way, but you do need a backup plan

Naturally, just kidding about in the above paragraph. Marcy will in fact be pursuing an advanced degree while managing the lodge, but in a far more utilitarian discipline. We are delighted to have her back!