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Outdoor Shower at the Manitou Lodge!

09/14/14: For several years now, the Manitou Lodge has opened up two “Outback” cabins  and  3  fully-equipped tentsites during the late Spring, Summer, and early Fall seasons. Guests in these  affordable units have always had access to a small bathroom inside the lodge or a portable toilet, but never a shower… UNTIL NOW! We’ve just […]

The Beauty (and Perils) of Rialto Beach – A Cautionary Tale

Just 3 miles down Mora Rd from the Manitou Lodge, you’ll find Rialto Beach, probably the most spectacular of the Olympic Park “front-country” beaches. Perpetually great surf, some of the largest driftwood logs on the coast, clear views of James Island off La Push on the opposite bank of the Quileute River. Hiking north, there’s an […]

Our Port Angeles Vacation Rental – new for 2014

New Year’s Eve 2013

With the winter solstice just two days away, we’re turning our thoughts to some celebrating of our climb back into the light. Christmas is for family, but New Year’s is a very different story. Nothing too crazy, but you’re invited to come out and join us and our other guests for a midnight celebration centered […]

Sweet September

9/30/13: Yesterday and last night the northern Washington Coast (read us, 3 miles from the coast) was hit by what has been described as the strongest September windstorm on record – sustained winds of 65 mph, gusting to 75 mph. Makes you reconsider the wisdom of living under the really big trees. Trees down everywhere, […]

A Facelift at the Lodge

 08/15/13: We’ve replaced the deck on the cottage containing the Eagle and Owl units. The old deck (top photo) was more of a walkway in any case, and, over the past several years due to age and constant exposure to winter rains, had become a bit of an embarrassment. The new deck (lower photo) is […]

Summer/Winter Solstices – Forks, WA, 2013

Here at the Manitou Lodge, Forks, WA, the 2013 Summer Solstice will occur at 10:04PM on June 20 (see countdown widget below) – BE HERE!. Incidentally, isn’t it remarkable how the Rialto Beach seastacks pictured at left look just like Stonehenge? Must be the light. The solstice (from the Latin sol [sun] & sistere [to […]

Outback Cabins & “Instant-Camping”

Outback Cabins: About a decade ago we found ourselves standing outside an unused cabin/shed on the property that nonetheless had electricity and indoor plumbing, and speculated that there might be guests whose sensibilities would resonate to the idea of booking an affordable little room combining the features of both B & B lodging and camping […]

The Old-Growth Lives On Right Here!

We’re fortunate to have on the lodge property one of the last old-growth Western Hemlocks in the immediate area outside the Olympic National Park. Our tree sits, waiting for you to visit, in its own little grove on the western edge of our property. This tree, measuring 7.5 feet through the base at shoulder height, […]

Marcy Schley – Resident Manager July 1, 2013

Please join us in welcoming Marcy Schley, our new resident manager, who will be starting July 1, 2013. Marcy will be a familiar face to any of you who stayed with us in 1999-2000, as she was our principal housekeeper during those years. In 2000, Marcy moved to Wenatchee, where she eventually joined the staff […]

RV lodging at the Manitou Lodge in Forks – Summer 2013

From the same minds that brought you instant camping, a novel way to lodge in Forks at the Manitou Lodge! A very well appointed 40′ RV (stationary- sorry, you won’t be able to drive it off) with queen bedroom, fold-out couch, bathroom with shower. Fully equipped kitchen and living area both expandable via a slide-out, […]

Reduced Post-Labor Day Rates

Week of September 3, 2012: Clear and warm this week! Take advantage of our reduced post-Labor Day rates and enjoy the Pacific Ocean beaches! Book online and receive a confirming email immediately.